PT Villakunyaman is a property development group based in Jakarta and Bali.

Our team has designed and built notable residential and commercial developments, namely The Green Pramuka City in Jakarta and Novotel Hotel in Bandung.

Our philosophy is that both environmental and social sustainability are important outcomes of the development process. For a project to be successful we believe it must be more than a built environment, it must be a social space that encourages and supports a sustainable community.

Regardless of the project's size, our team adds value to each key stage, from acquisition and project conception to permitting, funding and marketing. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to apply innovative solutions to any challenges that arise during the development process.

We made our move to Bali in the year 2011, passionateley working on our Skàles Villas at Ubud and Skàles Residence at Nusa Dua.

Bali has been an ideal place for our team to express architectural design and creativity in a very unique and aesthetic way that blends well with the enchanting Bali environment.